Sand Casting

Sand casting is the simplest method of casting aluminium. Sand is made into a mould by forming around a wooden "pattern". The pattern is removed, the sand mould assembled and molten metal poured in. The process is chosen for small production runs, for complex shape castings requiring intricate cores or for very large castings.

  • Low equipment costs
  • Largest size of castings possible by any casting method suited to complex shapes and cores
  • Very low gas porosity is possible
  • It is a versatile casting process
  • Low casting rate
  • 3-5mm minimum wall thickness
  • Poor linear dimensional tolerances e.g. 4mm/m
  • Rough surface finish
  • Coarse grain size compared to diecasting
  • Casting weights in the range of 0.1Kg - 100,000 Kg
  • Approximate economical quantity range 1 - 1000 castings