Other Processes

one of two Robot linishers installed to linish roof rail castings.

The 'In-house' facilities at Presbar include shot blasting, vibratory deburring, linishing and assembly work.

We have invested in large scale finishing plant, and automated processes wherever possible. This reduces the cost per casting to a minimum allowing Presbar to remain competitive in today's market place.

Large shot blast facility photographed on the shop floor of Presbar

In addition to the comprehensive in-house facilities, we also use our prefered outside suppliers to allow us to deliver painted, chrome plated or anodised parts.

The toolroom is also capable of undertaking specialised welding in-house.



Tool room facilities

Our skilled tool makers work in a well equiped tool room. The primary aim of this tool room is process development engineering - meaning that all improvements to the die, all modifications and maintenance can be carried out in-house by our own experienced team.