Low Pressure Diecasting

This is a repetitive process where identical parts are cast by injecting molten metal under low pressure into metal dies. This process requires complex machinery and is similar to high pressure diecasting.

  • Fair production rates up to 30/Hr
  • Thin wall thickness possible (2-3mm)
  • Better linear tolerances than gravity casting
  • Surface finish improved on gravity casting, but not up to pressure diecasting standards
  • High yields possible as runners and risers not required
  • Reduced finishing if required
  • Pour free castings are obtainable
  • Sand cores may still be used to allow complex castings
  • Die costs far lower than for pressure diecasting
  • Castings are heat treatable
  • Size of casting limited by machine size
  • Production rates not up to pressure diecasting
  • Feeding thin sections through thick sections is not recommended casting weight range 5Kg - 25Kg
  • Approximate economical quantity range>1000